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  • Published : September 10, 2010
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Race and My Community|
Desiree’ ForgasonETH/125September 5, 2010Anthony McBride| |


The majority of the members of the community look like me. The ways that members of my community look the same as me are that most members of my community are white, wear normal clothes and shoes, and speak English. The ways that members of my community look different from me are that a few of the members in my community are Hispanic Americans or African Americans; their skin color is darker than mine is. We all speak the same language (English). We also have elderly living in the community. The majority of the community is white. Everyone within the community treats each other with respect, dignity, and compassion. The community does not really have a leader our community is a single street that dead ends. Other members of my community treat people who are like me with the same respect, dignity, and compassion. The problem begins when the immigrants want to come over to our country and expect to be given everything they need and want when they need and want it without having to work for it or abide by the laws of our country. In this course, I feel the texts contained information by and about people like me because every human being has an ethnic background including one or more cultural races. For instance, I have Cherokee and Lumbee Indian blood in my family and the text included information about Native Americans. I have German, English, and Irish decent in my family and the text includes information about the Irish, English, and Germans therefore, I presume in a roundabout way the text contained information about people like me. I also, have Scottish decent in my family and the text does not include information about the Scottish. Also, in my family history we where some of the first pioneers that where here in the United States prior to it becoming the United States of America. The local media does represent people like me and people who are...
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